Karnic and Boot Dusseldorf 2022

16 December 2021

After careful evaluation of the associated health risks with the rapid spreading of Covid observed in Europe over the recent weeks, our company decided to withdraw the participation from Boot Dusseldorf 2022. This decision was taken unanimously between the company and all Karnic dealers in Germany who have been following the situation with the pandemic in the country over the last days.

We do recognise the effort of Boot administration to organise a safe show by applying strict measures and protocols for both exhibitors and visitors. However, a substantial risk remains due to the need to relocate and lodge Karnic and dealer personnel in unstable conditions for a period of two weeks. Irrespective of the whatever commercial benefits that may be yielded from the show, both ourselves and our dealers cannot take chances with the health of people who need to be at Dusseldorf for the show to exist.

We apologise if this decision brings disappointment, however, we feel that under the circumstances it is the right one. We emphasise that withdrawing from Dusseldorf does not signal a withdrawal from the German market or a decision for a slower marketing approach. Local shows, events at dealerships, presence through media and new model launching will follow throughout the year to keep everybody connected with the brand.