Karnic Completes Program of Major Technological Upgrade

28 September 2018

Karnic has just taken the official delivery of the third CNC machine in their facilities whose installation and final testing has been accomplished successfully over the last days. This action completes the program of major technological upgrade announced earlier by the company earlier this year.

The program relates to the investment in three new CNC machines within 2018 aimed to improve manufacturing efficiency and expand possibilities for the company.  It includes a CNC cutting machine for the automated cutting of all fabrics used in production from upholstery to fiberglass cloth, a 5-axis CNC for the cutting and machining of all panel components and a larger also 5-axis CNC that will be used exclusively to machine prototypes for new models.

These acquisitions will enable the company to progress at a much faster pace to refine products, respond effectively to higher production volumes and most importantly, improve the time of new model development at up to three new models per year.