Que es KARNIC's SPC?

SPC is the abbreviation for Smart Production Controller, an ERM (Enterprise Resource Management) software developed by the company to manage and control production operations. Unlike other ERM's, Smart Production Controller relies on the continuous interaction of management and technical staff to convey information and perform tasks so all processes related to production can be monitored and analysed in real time.

Smart Production Controller consists of several modules and it has been designed with enough flexibility and prospect for further expansion to meet the needs of the company for the years to come irrespective of boat type and size.

A novelty for the standards of marine industry is the SPC’s module for production. This involves the use of touch-screen computers along production lines through which technical staff receive step-by-step instructions to perform tasks, carry out quality control checks and simultaneously record operation times and material quantities.  SPC effectively acts as the tool to guide human hands to perform tasks in the same way as robot arms are programmed to make certain repetitive movements in high volume production lines.

SPC is task specific and is capable to display the correct information for any model combination and corresponding options list so human interaction is eliminated.  Its development to this high level enables Karnic to define, monitor and control with extreme accuracy the tasks and operations at each production stage, ensure product consistency under minimal supervision and analyse production or person performance at a press of a button.

Inventory management is another significant feature of SPC with which the system checks and calculates instantaneously the parts and raw material requirements for a given production load. This is performed to a level that orders to suppliers can be prepared in virtually zero time.  In this way Karnic saves important management hours whereas is able to administrate inventory and avoid unnecessary stock build-up by planning just-in-time purchases.

The definite gains in efficiency and productivity as a result of Smart Production Controller enable Karnic to achieve a substantially low Price-Value ratio for their products so buyers obtain a much higher product value for the money they spent.